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Todd Koga

I have been a drummer / percussionist for over 35 years and attended my first sound therapy session years ago while investigating ways to improve my personal wellness. Upon hearing a gong for the first time I was instantly hooked, so much so that I had to purchase one for my own use. And from there my passion grew. I went from playing for my own relaxation and enjoyment to playing various ‘sound events’ including a combination of yoga / gong baths. Much has been written about the healing effects of gongs. As a musician I do not claim to be a sound therapist or a healing practitioner. However, I have witnessed and experienced firsthand the positive effects of the gongs. With this in mind I encourage participants to keep an open mind and have their own experience.
I work with an assortment of instruments centered around various Paiste Gongs, the premier manufacturer of Gongs in the world. Handmade in Germany they are incredible instruments with an extremely wide dynamic range. They can literally go from a whisper to a roar, each creating their own unique sounds and vibrations.

My Speakers Sessions

Sunday, January 15

3:30pm CST